The New ‘Alien: Covenant’ Trailer Is Pretty Horrifying

Everything we’ve seen so far from Alien: Covenant promises a film that’s going to push boundaries, and based on this new trailer for Alien: Covenant — a follow-up to Prometheus — director Ridley Scott is bringing the ferociousness, with a familiar story about yet another space crew (this time made of couples) who go in search of colonization in a faraway land and, well, guess what happens next. It’s an Alien film, after all.

Check out the latest trailer below.

Prior to this trailer hitting, the film released a prologue with some extra footage of the crew as they’re readying themselves to visit this new environment. Watch it here.

In Alien: Covenant, Katherine Waterston stars as a terraformer (or space gardener) who is brought in to help colonize the planet and eventually winds up fighting for her life. Michael Fassbender returns as the android from Prometheus, and Danny McBride and James Franco are among the other members of the ship.

How this story connects to the original Alien, which is said to come not long after the events of this film, we’re still waiting to find out. How is it different than Prometheus? It just looks rougher and gorier, for one. We’ll find out more when it hits theaters on May 19.