Trailer Roundup: Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell Bet ‘The House,’ Armie Hammer Steps on a ‘Mine’ and More

What would you do if: you couldn’t afford to send your kid to college; you stepped on a mine in the middle of the desert; you had a mental link with a kaiju? Find out what fictional characters do in these situations by watching the movies The House, Mine and Colossal, all of which are previewed in the below roundup of trailers.

The House

Former Saturday Night Live colleagues Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler are a married couple who turn to a life of crime to pay for their daughter’s college education in this summer comedy from the writer of Neighbors. Andrew Jay Cohen, a former Judd Apatow protege, makes his feature directorial debut with the movie, which also stars Fargo breakout Allison Tolman and Jason Mantzoukas, who plays a friend of the couple who convinces them to start an illegal casino to make the tuition money. Of course, things escalate rather quickly. The House is in theaters on June 30.


If you think they have it bad, check out Armie Hammer’s situation in this intense war thriller. He steps on a mine and has to stay put for more than 50 hours until he can be extracted. Have we seen this idea before? Maybe, but this one looks a bit more psychological and plot filled as Hammer’s soldier character deals with wolves, hallucinations, the harsh conditions of the desert environment and the enemy. Mine is also the feature directorial debut of Italian filmmakers Fabio Guaglione and Fabio Resinaro (can we just call them “Fabios” like “Daniels”?), and unfortunately it currently has no U.S. release date.


Anne Hathway stars in the latest sci-fi movie from Nacho Vigalondo (Timecrimes) as an alcoholic woman whose actions are tied to a Godzilla-like monster causing damage in South Korea. Where such a funny premise goes from there is not to be disclosed, apparently, but Peter Hall saw Colossal at Fantastic Fest last fall and wrote, “a layered and surprisingly emotional story emerges about a woman and the forces, both literal and figurative, that try to control her… in short it’s both smart and funny.” Definitely check this out when it opens on April 7.