User Survey Ranks IBM Industry’s Most Reliable Servers

ARMONK, N.Y. – 23 Jun 2017: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that corporate enterprise users ranked IBM z Systems ‘enterprise mainframe class’ servers the most reliable hardware platform available on the market today. In its ‘mainstream’ server category the survey found that IBM Power Systems achieved the highest levels of reliability and uptime when compared with 14 server hardware options and 11 server hardware virtualization platforms.

The results come from the ITIC 2017 Global Server Hardware and Server OS Reliability survey1, which polled 750 organizations worldwide between April and May of 2017. The survey findings also concluded the following:

  • IBM z Systems Enterprise mainframe class systems, had zero percent incidents of more than four hours of per server/per annum downtime of any hardware platform. Specifically, IBM z Systems mainframe class servers exhibit true mainframe fault tolerance experiencing just 0.96 minutes of minutes of unplanned per server, per annual downtime. That equates to 8 seconds per month or “blink and you miss it,” or 2 seconds of unplanned weekly downtime. This is an improvement over the 1.12 minutes of per server/per annum downtime the z Systems servers recorded in ITIC’s 2016 – 2017 Reliability poll nine months ago.
  • IBM Power Systems has the least amount of unplanned downtime, with 2.5 minutes per server/per year of any mainstream Linux server platforms.
  • IBM and the Linux operating system distributions were either first or second in every reliability category, including virtualization and security.

In addition to identifying leading vendors, the survey highlights market ‘reliability trends’.For nearly all companies surveyed, having ‘four nines’ of availability, equating to less than one hour of system downtime per year was a key factor in its decision. Further are the increasing costs of downtime. Nearly all survey respondents claimed that one hour of downtime costs them more than $150k and one third estimating that the same will cost their business up to $400k.

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