Watch Aston Martin spank $83 million worth of historic cars – Roadshow

If you had a giant, open building at your disposal, and you also happened to have more than a dozen Aston Martins spanning the length of the automaker’s history, you’d be a fool to let either go untouched.

Aston Martin is hard at work building a new plant in St. Athan, Wales. Before its halls are filled with big pieces of equipment and new cars destined for dealerships, Aston Martin took about $83 million worth of its most famous vehicles and took them for a spin — literally.

To celebrate the new plant, Aston Martin filmed a video with two of its World Endurance Championship drivers and its chief engineer having a bit of fun in a variety of Aston Martin models. Fans of old-school cars will immediately recognize the DB5, while younger fans will undoubtedly appreciate the Vulcan, DB11 and Valkyrie.

I’m sure someone will also appreciate the Cygnet, which was a fancier version of the Toyota/Scion iQ. Yes, it’s real — go look it up.