Watch: Michael Keaton Trains Dylan O’Brien for a New Movie Franchise in the ‘American Assassin’ Trailer

Dylan O’Brien’s first major movie franchise, The Maze Runner, will finally continue on the big screen next year following an injury-related delay. While his fans wait for Maze Runner: The Death Cure, though, a possible new franchise for the actor is debuting in theaters this fall.

American Assassin will be the first in what CBS Films and Lionsgate hope is many adaptations of the best-selling “Mitch Rapp” book series. Based on the 11th Rapp novel published but the first set chronologically, the movie will star O’Brien as a college student who is recruited by the CIA after his girlfriend is killed in a terrorist attack (in the book it’s the real bombing in 1988 of Pan Am Flight 103). He has the motivation for revenge against those responsible, but first he has to train with Michael Keaton.

Watch the first trailer:

O’Brien shot this movie after recovering from his Death Cure accident, and he looks fit for duty in a series that, given the source material, could last at least 15 films long. Of course, audiences are going to have to like this movie and, more so, its star. O’Brien wound up beating such big names as Colin Farrell and Gerard Butler, mainly because he could start off the same age as the character. Interestingly enough, he goes up against a villain played by Taylor Kitsch, whom Hollywood has tried and failed to turn into a bigger deal.

The Rapp franchise was also almost begun by more well-known directors, namely Antoine Fuqua and Edward Zwick. At the helm of American Assassin is Michael Cuesta, who at least is a well-reviewed filmmaker, having directed such features as L.I.E. and Kill the Messenger, and such TV as Dexter and Homeland.

We will see if this is the beginning of something big when American Assassin opens September 15.