#weneedmore and how tech in the classroom changes lives

Hollywood actress and Oakland, California native Zendaya is backing the Verizon Foundation’s new #weneedmore campaign, a plan to provide free technology, access, and learning opportunities to children across the U.S. As a child of two teachers, Zendaya became aware of the disparities between tech availability across geographical and income levels. #weneedmore pledges to close that gap and bring access to STEM education and technology to more children.

The Verizon Foundation states that there are more than 4 million available STEM jobs in the world, but students need the access to education and resources to help prepare them to fill those roles. The Verizon Innovative Learning Initiative has committed $160 million in free technology, access, and hands-on STEM learning for under-privileged students. Verizon will work with nonprofits to help administer these objectives—impacting more than 300,000 students and over 1900 schools and clubs.

Digitizing the classroom is something close to Cisco’s heart. The Cisco Digital Education Platform includes solutions through an end-to-end IT platform, including a secure core network, unified voice, and state-of-the-art wireless and security everywhere.

Through this platform, classrooms can become global, sensors and analytics can be utilized to connect students and teachers, mobile devices can be safely integrated into the environment, and more.

One school district that has transformed their education system with Cisco’s help is the Shawnee Mission School District from Kansas City. Cisco collaboration tools Spark and WebEx have allowed Shawnee teachers to personalize student learning, teachers and administrators can speak to each other in real time, and experts can join in the conversation to give guidance.

Since implementing digital learning into their schools, the Shawnee Mission School District has noted higher student engagement and less disciplinary issues.

The Cisco Digital Education Platform has already transformed more than 14,250 school districts and educational institutions and 9800 colleges and universities in 127 countries. To learn more about how you can get started in your new education experience, click here.