What are you using Linux for at work?

Sadly very little. My current employers IT infrastructure is 99.9% Windows. I think we have one Linux server hosting Bugzilla on our intranet ATM.

At the office, my workstation runs Windows 7
Could be worse though….. At least I haven’t been “upgraded” to W8 or W10!

But I always have a cygwin terminal open – running tmux to manage multiple instances of Bash in a single terminal window. So although I’m not not using Linux directly at work, I still get a bit of Linux/Unix-like greatness during my work day!

I use Cygwin/Bash and tmux for almost everything ATM – editing source-code with vim, running build-scripts, grepping through the code-base, managing notes/TODO lists, source-control, backups etc.

I even wrote a little script that uses w3m and duckduckgo to allow me to do quick internet searches in the terminal. Saves me having to break concentration and wait for Firefox to load…

Searching from the terminal is more immediate and allows me to stay focused on the task at hand.

I also run X with dwm when I need to run/manage multiple tmux sessions.

Thanks to Cygwin et al – the only time I need to fire up the Visual Studio IDE is when I need to debug something.

Wherever possible at work, I also try to use free/libre/open-source software wherever possible:

e.g. Libreoffice, Gimp, Blender, Inkscape, Audacity, VLC, Okular etc. etc.