What’s a Tech-Savvy Woman Got to Do to Get Into the Music Production Industry?

The music industry is one of the hardest industries to crack into. For women music producers, the hill can be even steeper to climb. There is no blueprint to follow, but there are some things you can do to make your mark in the music production industry.

Constantly Learning

At the core of being a successful music producer is technical and creative skills. Technology and trends progress quickly in the music industry, so a tech-savvy woman looking to break in must always be learning.

One route is to enroll in a college or university that offers a music production major. An added bonus is that university programs often offer both the musical education and business management classes so you can learn both sides of the industry. In music production, a woman often has to be an entrepreneur and perform multiple roles outside of just making music.

Online courses that focus on one area of music production are popular options as well. You can enroll in courses to teach you music theory, mixing software, studio equipment, and more.

Beyond formal education, constantly learning includes keeping up with industry news and trends. If a new technology comes out, a woman needs to be ready to learn how to operate it in the studio.

Acquiring Skills

There are a variety of technical and professional skills that are necessary to succeed in music production. A musician may only need to learn their instrument, but a music producer needs to understand music theory and be able to utilize mixing software, hardware, sound equipment, instruments, and more. Acquiring these skills takes dedicated training.

Professional skills are critical to building relationships and making connections in the music industry. These soft skills are built through hands-on experience with other industry professionals. The more time you can score in a studio or at networking events, the better chances you have of carving a path in the music industry.

Making Connections

Once you have solid training and skills under your belt, you have to move onto making connections in the industry. Unlike climbing a corporate ladder, finding your niche in the music industry doesn’t have a clear and defined path. Instead, you have to have fierce faith and determination that continued progress towards your goal will pay off in the end.

To establish your presence, it is important to build relationships within the industry. Attending music conferences, live shows, industry networking events, and other events can all lead to important connections.

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